West Mountain

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West Mountain / Cathles Falls Simsbury Land Trust 70 acres in Simsbury, CT Parking: South trailhead: Small lot near 60 Westledge Rd, West Simsbury, CT North trail: (shorter access to falls/overlook) Shoulder parking near 122 N Saddle Rdg, West Simsbury, CT Trail Map Trails: 5 miles Rating: ★★★★☆ This is…

I found this Trail a bit tougher than I’m able to reasonably do but for anyone who can handle it better than I it was a really neat trail. I did find it unpleasant with the amount of mosquitoes near the river section but it was interesting to see so many newts. A lot of interesting botanical species especially wild flowers when I went. I was hoping for more views from some of the climbs but those present were nice. The waterfalls were very good and worth seeing.

A few more photos of this excellent hike