Adams Mill Trail

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Adams Mill Trail Manchester Town Park 35.7 acres in Manchester, CT Parking: Large lot next to Elicit Brewing 165 Adams St, Manchester, CT Trail Map Trails: 2.1 miles Rating: ★★★☆☆ This 2.1 mile loop trail is part of the Hockanum River Trail a linear park attempting to connect…

Is this place still visible I had read on Alice obscure it was permanently closed although it then have footnote or something to that effect then you could walk rather than do more of the driving and parking. Personally I avoided it cuz I heard it was a high crime area and that was enough to deter me. Pictures of the building look me otherwise full of unfortunately satellite hyperthermic needle kind of stuff or other paraphernalia not far from a junk along much of the hoconum river trail especially approaching there if I understood correctly from what I had read elsewhere and may be on ctm q not sure my memory is full. Do you have a personal take on this and the area and you know? Is it a hangout for people you would feel safe near like doing drugs or criminal stuff or is it pretty safe during the day? It’s so near me I’ve been curious but scared to go

I updated the listing with my writeup of the hike. For what its worth, I visited on a Monday morning and saw two other couples walking the trail and had nice stops to chat with both. There is some vaguely sketchy vibe to the area but the trail was quiet and well kept. I didn’t go in the brick ruins next to the river so can’t speak to that, but really enjoyed the hike, found it beautiful, and am impressed by the work done by the Hockanum River Committee to make it possible.