Katan-Ensor Preserve

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Katan-Ensor Preserve and Old Messenger Road Preserves Granby Land Trust 236 acres in Granby, CT Parking: Small lot near 61 Strong Rd, West Granby, CT Trail Map Trails: 2.14 miles Rating: ★★★☆☆ The Old Messenger Road Preserves are actually three preserves in one highlighted by access from the…

I really like this trail. I visited the end of June 2023. The garden had some of the old planting still flowering. I believe I saw some clematis. For the first time ever I think I saw a Scarlet tanager in the distance from The overlook and was very excited about that. They apparently like big open wooded areas and so it’s a bit favorable to see them from the tall vantage point of the overlook at the right time of year. The waterfall and the cellar holes were pretty cool to see and the forest was very nice as well. There’s a large glacial erratic boulder too.

I seem to have missed the Blue Trail what did the other parts red and yellow has mapped on the all trails guide here:

Evening hike at The Schlicht Preserve Trail on AllTrails


I think the red “dot” is a scarlet tanager which I took from The overlook.

The other photos are the waterfalls the glacial erratic boulder and the cellar holes