Are WMAs changing to NAPs

I’ve been reading that Lord Cove has switched to a Natural Area Preservation where it was formerly the Lord Cove Wildlife Management Area. The same is true for Roger Tory Peterson and Bluff Point.

I’ll leave them all grouped under the WMA page for now, but will have some editing to do as I find official sources on the name changes and create a NAP category

Does the change in name reflect any difference in function such as the activities encouraged? Are these still primarily hunting and fishing areas?

Not as far as I can tell, there’s already a great variety in actual names (wildlife sanctuary, wildlife area, wma & field trial area, etc) some of which indicate difference activities and use cases.

And to muddy it further there is already a Natural Area Preserve sub-category for places like the Matianuck sand dunes. I haven’t sought out clarification yet and am taking a wait and see approach

Wow that is even more confusing than I realized. Really. I think so long as I don’t get shot during hunting season I’m happy. Perhaps wear orange more often. Too bad the signs that some of these designated places don’t have something telling you here are the hunting season dates to wear orange during it gets very confusing.